T+1 Securities Settlement

Update: Securities Lending in a T+1 World

Phil Zywot, Head of North American Equities and U.S. Corporates (Securities Finance) at BNY Mellon and Chair of the T+1 Subcommittee of CASLA, provides an update on Securities Lending and T+1 in collaboration with the Canadian Capital Markets Association (CCMA). Additionally, Phil sits on both the CCMA’s T+1 Steering Committee and Operations Working Group. [email protected]Read more

CCMA Confirms Faster Securities Settlement Project in Canada Is a Go

Today, the Canadian Capital Markets Association (CCMA) announced plans to shorten Canada’s standard securities settlement cycle – the simultaneous exchange of securities for certain payment – from two days after trade date (T+2) to one day after trade date (T+1). The target transition timing for the change is within the first half of 2024. L’ACMC … Read more