CASLA, the Canadian Securities Lending Association, was created with a mission of ensuring the long-term viability of the Canadian securities lending industry by establishing a unified voice.  Working with a broad spectrum of direct and indirect industry representatives has fuelled a greater and more robust span of expertise and perspectives.  The breadth and depth of CASLA is illustrated with the inclusion of external professionals in the legal, tax and regulatory fields, in addition to securities lending market participants.  CASLA’s unique organizational model builds a strong foundation for the continuing development of the Canadian securities lending market.

CASLA aims to:

  • Enhance the public’s understanding of securities lending and the role it plays in Canada
  • Develop strong linkages with similar global trade associations
  • Encourage the adoption of best practices and work with regulators and other industry associations to ensure an efficient and secure marketplace
  • Advocate for the common interests of securities lending market participants, including custodian banks, beneficial owners, asset managers and broker-dealers

Other securities lending associations around the world include the Australian Securities Lending Association (ASLA), International Securities Lending Association (ISLA) in Europe, Pan Asian Securities Lending Association (PASLA) and the Risk Management Association (RMA) in the U.S.

CASLA was founded on April 27, 2009 by CIBC Mellon, Northern Trust, RBC Investor Services and State Street Corporation.

CASLA is an incorporated not-for-profit association.